About AV Boot camp

Our fitness boot camp team is totally committed to supporting you during the boot camp week. We are with you 24/7 so talk to us, question us, work with us and you too will see the difference AV boot camp makes.
Our trainers are experts in their areas of fitness and nutrition. They have lived and breathed fitness throughout their lives, faced their own challenges and use these to help others reach their own goals. To be successful we are the place for you!  We hope that we can become part of your future success story.

What Can You Expect From AV Boot Camp ?

You will be guided by highly trained and experienced instructors they will work with you to find your limits and push you toward them. Help you to improve your fitness and achieve your set goals through various dynamic outdoor activities.
AV Boot Camps are designed for everyone who craves nature, understands that health and fitness begins in the mind. Our outdoor exercise, eco workshops, natural diet and Indian martial arts aim to stimulate the mind while working the body toward its optimum fitness level.
Whether you are looking for weight & fat loss, dry muscle program, a kick start to health or a total body transformation, our AV boot camp team will mentor, coach and empower you to achieve your dreams. You will gain strength, achieve results and leave with a new sense of self-confidence to continue your health and fitness journey

Open To Men & Women Over 18

AV Boot Camps are open to anyone over the age of 18 and are suitable for everyone whatever your goals. At this boot camp you must be willing to be pushed harder than you have ever been pushed physically before. Come with an open mind and you will surprise yourself at just how much you can achieve. You will leave us feeling more confident and motivated to continue on your road to greater fitness.